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Repair and Lessons

Guitar, Bass, Amplifier or FX pedals.á

In our Repair Room we can offer a professional repair and restoration for Acousticá
or ElectricáGuitars,áBasses, mandolins, banjos, ...etc.á
Set up, Fret dress and Refret, pickups and electronic installation and modification,á
you need it fast,áwe have Rush service as well.áOur repair service is focusedá
towards the needs of Music Producers,áAudio Engineers,á
Professional Musicians and beginners too.á
Everybody is Welcome!á

If you have solid state and tube equipment, analog and digital equipment, pedals,á
amplifiers,áSpeaker cabinets, out board equipmentáand mixing consoles,á
Blown Vintage speakers to RECONEá
we are here to help you with putting them back to normal working condition.
We can accept instruments for the repair from out of state.