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Harry\'s Engineering Dragonfly CS-5 Custom Bass
Dragonfly CS-5 Bass by Harry's Engineering

Top: African Paraquim

Body: African Mahogany

Neck: Maple-Walnut 5 piece

Frets: Stainless

Fingerboard: Pau Ferro 

Pickup: Original DFSB-5 neck and bridge

Controls: Volume-Tone-Balance-3 Band EQ

Featuring Providence Vitalizer-Active Impedance Converter:
The Vitalizer™ is an Active Impedance Converter that delivers lively signal while preventing degrading the sound quality and picking up noise.

Passive/High impedance signal is a weak electric signal and it is more likely to be affected its sound quality when long cable such as 20m are used or many true-bypass pedals are connected in the signal chain.
The Vitalizer™ demonstrates its power at best under those conditions. The signal that went through the Vitalizer™ doesn't seem to sound different, but it helps avoid picking noise up and degrading sound signal.

Harry's Engineering Dragonfly CS-5 Custom Bass

Dragonfly CS-5

Dragonfly CS-5 Bass by Harry's EngineeringTop: African ParaquimBody: African MahoganyNeck: Maple-Walnut 5 pieceFrets: StainlessFingerboard: Pau Ferro Pickup: Original DFSB-5 neck and bridgeControls: Volume-Tone-Balance-3 Band EQFeaturing Providence Vitalizer-Active Impedance Converter:The Vitalizer™...
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  • Manufactured by: HARRY'S Dragonfly Guitar
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