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LSL Instruments

LSL Instruments  LSL Vintage Classic Instruments is a manufacturer of premium American guitars made completely by LSL right here in Los Angeles,
California. Models like, Tbone, Saticoy, Topanga, Zuma, DelRey, Balboa Bass, Badbone 1 & 2, Bigbone, Carl Verheyen Special and Studio models... 
All made here for guitar players. From the very beginning, we have sought to make instruments that play, sound and in many cases, 
look like the best vintage classics.

Ray Parker Jr., Carl Verheyen (guitarist for Supertramp),  Steve Trovato (Known as "The Great Chameleon" because of his ability to play well in any style),
Guitarist for "Pink" and now also with The Voice, Justin Derrico, Dory Lobel (The Voice, Colbie Caillat, Backstreet Boys, etc.), Mariano Diaz, Danny Click, 
Ovidio Lopez, Chase Bryant, RJ Ronquillo from Thompson Square, Paul Rose - The Paul Rose Band etc....

....I spent months (the job hunt wasn't going all that well) building jigs, templates, measuring, listening and finally building the guitar. 
I wanted that '52 but there was no way that was going to happen. Mine had to be the same or even better. Then, 
after a considerable amount of time, the first chord.....Lance Lerman